College Football Official Final 4

The committee gave Clemson the 1 seed, followed by Oklahoma, Georgia and then Alabama getting the controversial 4 seed over Ohio State. Did the committee get it right?


College Football Playoff Race

The way I see it, the winner of the SEC Championship game is in, the winner of the ACC championship is in, if Oklahoma wins they are in, and then if Wisconsin beats OSU then they are in. If Oklahoma loses and Wisconsin wins, then Alabama slots in to replace Oklahoma. If Oklahoma wins, and the Buckeyes beat the Badgers, I still feel like Alabama needs to get that fourth spot over the Buckeyes. Any thoughts?

Is Barrett starting to show some NFL potential?

There was a lot of skepticism of JT after the Oklahoma game, but now after the win last night, he is starting to get some buzz as a Heisman Trophy candidate, and he deserves it. Is he starting to show any signs to NFL teams that he may be able to play at the next level?

Heisman Preview

Is this the year JT Barrett takes the next step and brings home the heisman trophy, or will the guys like Barkley, Jackson, Darnold and Mayfield be too much competition for JT to overcome?