Cavs go for team record

the Cavs look for 13 in a row, which would tie a franchise record.


Cavs keep rolling

As the Cavs continue to roll, how much of an adjustment will need to be made when they get Isiah back? It seems like every time we get a new piece, it takes some time for the team to gel.

NBA changes all star game format

The NBA’s attempt to change the all star game may be a short term spark, but it will fail in the long term. The only way to draw more interest in the game is to do what the MLB used to do and have it mean something. If the winning conference got homecourt advantage in the finals we would see most of these guys busting their ass out there. We would actually get to see a game in which the leagues best showed off their best.

D Wade chooses Cleveland

Let’s break down the Cavs major off-season moves:

Lose Kyrie Irving.

Add D Rose, D Wade, Isiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Jeff Green, and Brooklyn’s number 1 pick in 2018 along with the Celtics 2nd round pick.

I will take that trade off any day of the week.


Deal off?

Will the Kyrie for Isiah deal fall through now that the Cavs have expressed concern from what they see with Isiah’s hip?