Will getting Isiah back solve Cavs problems?

Getting IT back will be big for the Cavs, but looking at the numbers, their defense is really what has been killing them, and is IT going to be the guy to come in and change that? I highly doubt it…


2 thoughts on “Will getting Isiah back solve Cavs problems?

  1. Problem with the cavs is simple, they just aren’t that good. The talent level just isn’t there. You have bron and K Love…. and thats it… the 3rd best scoring option on the floor most of the time is Jae Crowder! Let’s say you rest one of them.. either Love or Bron, then you only have 1/5 guys on the floor that can create their own shot. Isaiah coming back will help bc it will give us another scoring option on offense, and a guy who can get to the line and knock down free throws, but we still need a supporting cast. I will say I have been impressed with Jeff Green, but it looks like father time is finally catching up to guys like JR Smith and Kyle Korver. Tristan let that freak ruin his career, Derrick Rose should have retired years ago. Most importantly our defense is like swiss cheese. Full of holes. Thanks for your time guys.

    • Maybe it’s easier to say now that they’ve won six in a row but I think the Cavs are pretty good. LeBron himself has shown multiple times that he can compete for a championship with virtually no support and he’s still at the top of his game. We are super old but I believe we have a bunch of talent. We just need time to gel.

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