NBA changes all star game format

The NBA’s attempt to change the all star game may be a short term spark, but it will fail in the long term. The only way to draw more interest in the game is to do what the MLB used to do and have it mean something. If the winning conference got homecourt advantage in the finals we would see most of these guys busting their ass out there. We would actually get to see a game in which the leagues best showed off their best.


3 thoughts on “NBA changes all star game format

  1. Not going to help the NBA with the way they changed it, but also not sold on your idea

  2. There’s a reason why the MLB went away from this, it doesn’t reward the team who played the best in the regular season

  3. But as fans what do we want to see? I want to see the best go at it going full go, that would be most entertaining so I am all in on the idea of doing it where the winning conference gets home court in the finals

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