When will the Indians win streak end?

With the Indians currently at 18 straight wins, how many more games can they take this streak?


19 thoughts on “When will the Indians win streak end?

  1. We are going to take the first two from Detroit and then lose on Wednesday, streak will end at 20.

  2. I actually think it is going to end tonight, not a good feeling about tonight’s game.

  3. Idk man, I would like to think we take the first two from Detroit to keep things rolling.

  4. I am a huge Indians fan but I honestly just want it to end soon. I don’t like the idea of using all this energy to try to keep the streak going, reminds me too much of Golden State the year they tried so hard for 73 and then had nothing left in the take come Finals time.

  5. You can’t make that comparison Mitch, completely different games. Baseball doesn’t wear you down as much as trying to make a run like that in b ball does

  6. Just reading through these now and Mitch isn’t crazy for saying that, I actually agree with him somewhat. Anytime a team has a streak like that you know they are giving everything they got night in and night out to keep it going, doesn’t matter that one sport is b ball and one sport is baseball

  7. Yeah I would like it to end soon but I like our chances these next two games with Carlos throwing tonight and Kluber on the mound tomorrow night

  8. Already 4-0, Tribe keep rolling! Sam over there thinking it was going to end tonight…smh

  9. Yeah i would rather see another trip to the World Series over breaking the record for most wins in a row if we could only have one. Love how they have played over these last 18 games tho

  10. Well guys might just be me but isn’t it better to win than lose? This streak will roll into the Royals series. End on Saturday is my prediction. We’re trying to catch the Dodgers here guys. Home field is crucial. We need to keep winning. While we’re hot other teams aren’t playing great.

  11. Real good point Justin, I forgot all about the new system for the world series where home field goes to best record and not just the league that won the all star game. Would be so clutch to get home field throughout

  12. Yeah, it will still be tough to catch the Dodgers with only 20 games left even with the slide they have been on, but I am hoping we at least hang onto the one spot in the AL

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