Why Golden State will not come out of the west this year

Hearing it hear first, Carmelo will go to the Rockets and they will get things clicking with Harden, CP3 and Melo, and are going to be too much for Golden State to handle.

What do you guys think?


11 thoughts on “Why Golden State will not come out of the west this year

  1. GS is still too much even for that Rockets team. It will take an injury for someone in the west to knock them off.

  2. Idk guys, if Melo could get his act together and they get some shooters and a couple of rebounders to surround those three they could be real tough.

  3. I freaking hope so.. But something is telling me durant’s pussy ass will have them right back to where they were last year

  4. Is it bad to say I am really hoping for an injury to happen to Durant or Curry this year?

  5. Golden state has been lucky for the last few years and this year hopefully that luck runs out. They have been dodging a lot of bullets in playing teams that are not 100% healthy in playoffs and missing key rotation guys. Also don’t forget that they have been relatively healthy each year with no injury bug. Teams have gotten better and deeper Okc,Hou, Spurs. They will face their biggest challenge in this years playoffs. #Cavs

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