Why Kyrie will not be missed


Only time will tell, but I am telling you now, Kyrie will miss Cleveland more than Cleveland misses Kyrie. Our ball movement will improve,  and Boston will struggle finding a rhythm this year.


11 thoughts on “Why Kyrie will not be missed

  1. We are really going to miss that clutch gene tho. DIdn’t get much better than Killer Kyrie in the clutch. That is what I will miss the most.

    • Kyrie is selfish. Cav’s will come back even stronger without him and be champs in 2018..he’ll regret his decision

  2. No doubt he’s a hell of a finisher…J master you getting a little ahead of yourself there, let’s not forget about those Warriors in the bay area.

  3. That clutch gene will definitely be missed as many of you said. But do you guys really think Kyrie disrupted our offense that much?? And… IT is pretty much the same player in terms of ball movement… and he wants a max deal next year…

  4. Cdub95, I see where you are coming from in terms of IT being a similar player to kyrie, but yes I do think he disrupted our offense. Too many times he would just hold the ball for the whole shot clock, that’s not good basketball

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