Tonight is the biggest week one Matchup in College Football History

Alabama vs Florida St tonight, give your thoughts on what will happen pre game, during the game, and post game!


14 thoughts on “Tonight is the biggest week one Matchup in College Football History

  1. No way, Florida St pulls this one out. They are for real this year and they want to make a statement in week one! 28-20

  2. Bama is going to roll all over Florida St. Bama is going to be too tough for anyone this year. Only challenging game I see on their schedule will be the Iron Bowl against Auburn.

  3. Haha that’s crazy talk Michael, you really think Auburn is going to be better than Florida St this year? Sounds like someone has an SEC bias…but I am with you Steve, I see Bama winning but in a close one for sure.

  4. It ain’t a bias, just facts of life. Look at the players they produce as NFL players compared to every other conference. Not bias, just facts.

  5. How did we get to NFL talk? SEC is a great conference, but I think previous years and games have shown that they aren’t always the best conference and that they can be beaten by other teams in other conferences on any given day.

  6. I am not sure if it is the best week one matchup of all time like the headline to this blog says, but I do think it has potential to be a great game tonight!

  7. I’m just saying we haven’t even seen either team play yet this year, for all we know one of them could be overrated heading into the start of the season.

  8. You called that perfect Steve, bama did what bama always does, wear their openent down until they break. That defense looked like it did not miss a beat after all they lost to the NFL last year.

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