Verlander to Astros – AL postseason gets much more interesting


6 thoughts on “Verlander to Astros – AL postseason gets much more interesting

  1. Yeah no lie about that, this is the kind of move the Astros needed to have any shot at knocking off teams like Boston and Cleveland in the playoffs

  2. Honestly don’t think this move will do much, for some reason the Astros just don’t strike me as a team that can make a run, with or without Verlander.

  3. No Brian, it is def going to help Houston, what made them not seem scary was their pitching rotation. But now if Keuchel gets his act together and gets rolling again and you can put Verlander as a one two punch things start to look a lot better.

  4. But Keuchel hasn’t been the same since he came back from the DL. Even if he does get back to form give me Kluber and Carasco or Sale and Price before I take Keuchel and Verlander.

  5. You’re crazy! Have you seen what Price has done in the playoffs throughout his career?

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