Indiana QB dropping dimes

Indiana’s QB is really showing me a lot right now, he is throwing some balls right on the money.


14 thoughts on “Indiana QB dropping dimes

  1. This is why you don’t schedule a conference game in week one, it is so stupid. They lose this game and their chances of winning the Big Ten become very slim and it is all because it is week one and they have come out a little sluggish.

  2. You want them to go back to playing teams like Kent St and Appalachian St in week one?

  3. All I am saying is week one should be a game to help ease into the season, work out a few kinks. Not go on the road in a hostile environment against a Big Ten team. The Buckeyes were basically asking to lose

  4. There goes the offense with a TD, we will be fine! Now it is just time to tighten up that defense

  5. What kind of league are you talking about? NBA? He definitely wouldn’t make it in the NBA. If we talking NFL then yeah the chances of his game translating to the NFL game are slim

  6. JT just annoys me man. One game he looks great and another game he is average. He needs to step up

  7. First half was horrible but second half Bucks turnt it around, JT will be solid and be Heisman worthy ! Mark my words !

  8. Now that’s what I like to hear! You see how that offense got rolling in the second half? The rest of the Big Ten and college football better watch out

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