Welcome Isiah….finally!

Cavs were able to scrap up a 2020 second round pick, and the deal is finally complete. I will say tho, I am not sure all that hold up was worth a second round pick in 2020…


4 thoughts on “Welcome Isiah….finally!

  1. I think it’s Miami 2nd round pick. Might not be a bad one.. they had to throw in something to sweeten the deal

    • Yeah, and even if it is Bostons pick, 2020 is still a little ways away, things could not work out and they could always be bad in a few years

  2. Was clear Cavs were just trying to stall to get Celtics to panic since there was no way they could take IT back. They didn’t fall for it so a second round pick isn’t a horrible consolation

  3. Cavs should have held out longer! They had the Celtics trapped, they could have gotten more!

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