Haden will make the Browns pay

With reports that Haden will sign with the Steelers, it is guaranteed that he will destroy us twice a year.


7 thoughts on “Haden will make the Browns pay

  1. Joe Haden always showed love to the city of Cleveland. His play was horrible the last 2 years but mostly due to injury. I thought he would have a bounce back year with Greg Williams as the DC. I am afraid that he is going to be a big key for Pittsburgh.

  2. Gonna sting seeing him in a Steelers jersey week one in Cleveland. They clearly think he can still play, judging by how much they paid the guy.

  3. Joe Haden is a great person loves his fans .. That’ being said being a good person doesn’t win football games the guy couldn’t cover my mother these days always looks confused .. Pitt did the same with Gilbert and missed this will always be a miss fuck Pittsburg and fuck Joe Haden

  4. After his battle with injuries and Adderal Scandle, he has never been the same , Wish him Nothin but the best , he always embraced the city but now he is the enemy 💯

  5. Pro sports is what have you done for me lately and lately he has been playing like shit if he can even get on the field. I am not too mad about us dropping him

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