Stafford gets paid

Was Stafford worthy of the 5 year 135 million dollar deal he got?


5 thoughts on “Stafford gets paid

  1. It is a lot of money, but a lot of QB’s are starting to get big deals these days and Stafford has shown consistency over a long period of time.

  2. I think it’s a joke Stanford got this amount of money. He’s never won a playoff game, is maybe the all time worst QB on the road in terms of record, and can’t beat teams with a .500 or higher record. Such a waste of money setting the franchise back years.

  3. He is better than all the other Lions QB’s they had when they were complete garbage, like John Kitna? At least Stafford can say he was one of the main reasons their franchise went from an embarrassment of a team to actually respectable over the last few years

  4. But he is not a QB that can take you to a super bowl…when you get that kind of contract you better be able to take your team to the super bowl and win it all.

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