Deal off?

Will the Kyrie for Isiah deal fall through now that the Cavs have expressed concern from what they see with Isiah’s hip?


3 thoughts on “Deal off?

  1. i don’t think it will fall through, but I do think Boston is going to have to give up more than the original trade though. I honestly don’t even think Boston should do it, kyrie has shown he can’t lead a team anyways, it will probably make Boston worse.

  2. I think Boston will be forced to throw in another 1st rounder or a player like Jaylon Brown or Marcus Smart. Doesn’t make sense for the Cavs to do it as is with IT injury concern. Kyrie will have more around him and I think Boston will make the conference finals again. But so long as Lebron is in cleveland, Kyrie and the Celtics won’t make it to the finals

    • I agree Justin, cavs are still the team to beat. I would love to see us find a way to get Tatum in the deal tho even if it meant maybe giving up shump and frye as part of the deal.

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